Grooming services

Full Groom Services

Dog SizeWeightServicePrice
SmallUnder 20lbFull groom$95+
MediumUnder 50lbFull groom$125+
LargeUnder 80lbFull groom$155+

*Price affirmed upon seeing the dog.

Bath Services

Dog SizeWeightServicePrice
SmallUnder 15lbBath$75+
MediumUnder 50lbBath$95+
LargeUnder 80lbBath$115+

*Price may vary depending on the situation.

Add-on Services

Add-on serviceServicePrice
Silver ion & propolis spaRehydrating the skin and reducing dandruff; it reliefs odor of your pet effectively $30
Silver ion & rose essense spa Essence oil from roses, rehydrating while leaving relaxing scent $30
Sliver ion & Chinese herbal spaGreat for all pets with sensitive skin, like pugs and bulldogs. The Chinese herb will kill the bacteria and treat potential skin problems.$30
Silver ion buble bath Containing lavender essence for relaxation, also contains jojoba oil and shea butter; great for the skin and coat $45
Deep cleansing sparking rinsing Bicarbonate rinsing tablets, to enhance the results of bath. Deep clean and itchy relief.$10

*Price may vary depending on the situation.

Full groom is nails, ears, bath and hair cut / anal gland. Include a 15-minute consultation session. Contact us here or give us a call on +1 (416) 571-8329 to book today!