Canine Omega-3 - 500mL

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The ultra-pure, human-grade omega-3 pet supplement.

While most of us know that we need omega-3 for optimal human health, it’s not as well known that pets need omega-3 too. Canine Omega3 and Feline Omega3 are made using the same premium human grade fish oils (with separate flavouring agents) making it easy for your pet to get our recommended daily serving of omega-3.


Understanding omega-3.

Just like humans, animals can’t synthesize omega-3 in their bodies and so they must obtain it from their diet. In the wild, the ancestors of today’s cats and dogs obtained their omega-3 from the stomachs of their prey.

The two active forms of omega-3 are EPA (eicos­apentaenoic acid} and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), both of which are required by the body of humans as well as animals. Insufficient omega-3 intake can have a significant impact on overall pet health.

Fish oil is nature’s richest source of EPA and DHA.

While omega-3 can be derived from a variety of animal and botanical sources, fish oil delivers by far the highest concentration of omega-3.

Most pets diets are Omega unbalanced

Omega-3 and omega-6 are essential fatty acids that our pets need for good health. Unfortunately, the diets of most dogs and cats contain too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3. In addition, most processed and packaged dry pet foods are exposed to heat, oxygen and light. This degrades any omega-3 to almost negligible amounts, resulting in very unbalanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratios. Too much omega-6 can result in inflamma­tion, which is the root cause of many common health problems in pets today.

Omega-3 made easy.

Pet food alone is not a good source of omega-3. Supplementing your pet’s diet with seafood isn’t always a good option either - it can be expensive and potentially toxic for your pet. Above are sources of omega-3 and the weekly servings your pet would need to consume to get our recommended amount of omega-3 per day.

Flavour and quality go hand in hand.

Good quality oil shouldn’t taste or smell bad. In fact, a fishy smell is a sign that fish oil has oxidized and is poor quality. Canine Omega3 and Feline Omega3 are made with exceptional care and ingredients that your pets will love. So good, you might even want to taste it yourself!

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