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Cat Scratcher - Yo-yo with Bell Balls



Cat scratcher - yo-yo photo 1

Perfect for scratching, sleeping and playing

Cat scratcher - yo-yo photo 2


Superior materials

Made of high-quality corrugated cardboard

in a fully automatic production process

for a compact, neat and tidy look.

Cat scratcher - yo-yo photo 3


A versatile toy

An annular channel with two removable bell balls

is specially designed in the scratcher,

providing your cat with double fun.

Suitable for cats of all sizes

Cat scratcher - yo-yo photo 4

Double-sided design

This doubles the area for your cat to scratch and lounge.

Cat scratcher -yo-yo photo 5

Cat scratcher - yo-yo product info

cat scratcher - yo-yo packaging

Cat Scratcher - Yo-yo with Bell Balls
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