Pelletized Catnip—20g

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SAFE and HEALTHY for interested adult cats

Fine Nepeta Cataria has been a favourite of cats for as long as cats have been able to sniff things, and with good reason! This dried herb contains a chemical known to science as Nepetalactone; one of only a few feline attractants found in the natural environment.

STIMULATE your felines mind with Recreational Narcatics!

One of the first mentions of the recreational use of Fine Nepeta Cataria comes from the writings of the Greek historian Herodotus. Take that, Thucydides!

To make our Fine Nepeta Cataria even more irresistible, we have packaged it into convenient no mess pellets which can be easily poured into a dish or scattered around an empty box. Enjoy watching your feline friend’s curious nature take over.

PELLETIZED for a less mess experience!

Our Fine Nepeta Cataria was expertly grown and selected by farmers with decades of experience and knowledge of growing Fine Nepeta Cataria. In this regard, Recreational Narcatics growers do not harvest plants until they’re nice and mature because that’s when plants boast their highest levels of Nepetalactone, as well as essential oils and blooms.

When it comes to recreational use of plants, Nepetalactone is the most concentrated component of the plant. Recreational Narcatics strives to provide you with the most potent Fine Nepeta Cataria available.

This might be the purrrfect way for cats to get away from it all, but you, the Guardian, should be careful. If you’ve never used Fine Nepeta Cataria before, we recommend testing the waters with a dozen or so pellets.

HIGH YIELD Nepetalactone and blooms

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