Poop Bags - Hydrant Dispenser

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Dispenser plus 15 Countdown bags

This hydrant-shaped dispenser is made with plant matter and comes filled with 1 roll (15 bags) of Countdown Rolls®. An adjustable velcro straps allows it to attach to any size leash handle. The screw-on cap makes for easy refilling and our patented clip will carry used poop bags. Winner of the prestigious Industry Recognition Award from Pet Business Magazine, making it the second consecutive win for The Original Poop Bags®. This product is made with Biobased (B) materials that meet the USDA Certified Biobased standard.

Made with Biobased (B) materials

The Original Poop Bags® USDA Certified Biobased were the first bags introduced to the retail pet market that are certified by the USDA. A USDA Certified Biobased product is made, in whole or significant part, of renewable resources. The increased use of biobased products helps reduce the adverse impact of environmental and health related issues. Our USDA Certified Biobased poop bags and Pet Business award-winning dispenser are made with at least 38% plant matter.

The Original Poop Bags® supports causes that contribute to the health and well-be-ing of pets and the environment in which they live.

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