PureBites - Chicken topper

Size: 85g
Sale price$9.99


Go ahead, turn the bag around and look at our ingredients. PureBites® Chicken Recipe Freeze Dried Complete & Balanced dog food or topper is made with 19 Human Grade Ingredients.

Made with 80% Human Grade Chicken, 18% Human Grade Fruit & Vegetables & 2% Human Grade Essential Vitamins, Minerals & Natural Preservatives.

PureBites® Chicken Recipe can be fed as a 100% complete & balanced dog food or as a mixer / topper for an added RAW protein boost.

With on average 10 calories per nugget, PureBites® Freeze Dried Complete & Balanced Food or Topper is made with human grade Chicken sourced and gently freeze dried in the USA.

A 3 oz bag holds 11 oz of RAW PureBites® Chicken Recipe and has on average 44 nuggets.

Dogs love the taste of PureBites® because our food is delicately freeze dried RAW to lock in & the aroma, texture and freshness they crave. Dog parents love PureBites® because our food or topper is rich in nutrients for a happy and healthy life.

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