Suchgood - Original Breath Spray 4oz

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Simple, Brushless Dental Care for Good Dogs and Cats | Made in the USA with Premium Ingredients to Instantly Neutralize Odor and Freshen Breath.

Pet breath giving you pause? 2 pumps of Suchgood™ Dental Spray is enough to get you back to play. Suchgood provides simple, effective products for tongue, gum, and tooth health, so whether you need an on-the-go solution or you’re just looking for a fast way to freshen up your pet’s breath, we’ve got you covered. No fuss, just fresh. Use in combination with Suchgood daily water additives for simple, comprehensive daily dental care and maintenance.

EASY, BRUSHLESS pet dental care that works: simply spray on your pet’s gumline for instant breath-freshening.

NEUTRALIZE ODOR and FRESHEN funky, foul, fishy, so-bad-it’s-almost-impressive breath.

WHOLE MOUTH HEALTH: preventive and proactive tongue, gum, and tooth care for fewer vet visits.

CONVENIENT 4oz bottle fits nicely wherever you need it, at home or on the go.

100% MADE IN THE USA for such good boys and girls of all breeds and ages.

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