Suchgood - Original Water Additive 16oz

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Simple, Brushless Dental Care for Good Dogs and Cats | Made in the USA with Premium Ingredients for Whole Mouth Health

Suchgood™ Original Natural Water Additive simply and effectively cleans the tongue, gums, and teeth. Our natural ingredients work with your pet’s oral biome to freshen breath and, more importantly, protect your pet against harmful plaque buildup, without the wrestling or stressing! Simply add one capful of Suchgood to your dog’s or cat’s water bowl each time you refill. That’s it! No toothbrush, just tail-wags.

EASY, BRUSHLESS pet dental care that works: simply add one capful to your pet’s water each time you refill their water bowl.

ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS help safely balance the oral biome, prevent periodontal disease, and protect overall health.

NO BRUSHING means simpler cleaning and less stress.

FIGHT PLAQUE and FRESHEN funky, foul, fishy, so-bad-it’s-almost-impressive breath.

WHOLE MOUTH HEALTH: preventive and proactive tongue, gum, and tooth care for fewer vet visits.

NO FLAVOR + NO ODOR means no problem for picky drinkers.
100% MADE IN THE USA for such good boys and girls of all breeds and ages.

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