Wacky Wand Cat Toy - Chasin' Rainbows

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  • Sun, cloud and rainbow wand catnip toy
  • Filled with premium catnip and silvervine
  • Uses a variety of interactive materials
  • Great for chasing and swatting

Mad Cat Rainbow Chaser Wand is a wand filled with hours of playtime for your feline and made from polyester with PP stuffing, colourful rope, bouncy, elastic string and filled with a combination of premium catnip and silvervine in each sun, cloud and rainbow. Silvervine is a vine plant from eastern Asia that is known not only for its medicinal properties, but it also contains two compounds that attract cats similar to catnip with the same effects. Silvervine is also ideal to offer to your cat if they don't get an impact from catnip. 

Rainbow Chaser Wand is ideal for hours of chasing and swatting for cats of all life stages. 

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