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ZIWI Deer Hoofer Single Dog Chews - 55g

ziwi peak

Ziwi Peak Deer Hoofer Dog Bones are made with a single ingredient: delicious venison bone from free-range, gress fed New Zealand deer. New Zealand venison is world renowned for being the tastiest, best quality available. In fact, the deer used to create this delicious treat are 100% ethically sourced, making them a top choice among pet owners. These hooves are long lasting, even for the toughest of chewers, giving your pet hours of fun and stimulation.

Ziwi Peak Deer Hoofer Dog Bones are an excellent treat for dental health. They gently remove plaque build up on the teeth as your dog chews, including the hard-to-reach back teeth. This bone is naturally air dried, so it will last quite awhile without concerns of rotting or mold. It’s also an ultra low calorie treat.

Why We Recommend Ziwi Peak Deer Hoofer Dog Bones:

  • Made entirely form venison hooves
  • Low in calories, high in fun!
  • An excellent dental treat option
  • Keeps your dog stimulated for hours, no matter their size
  • Proudly made with grass fed, free range venison
ZIWI Deer Hoofer Single Dog Chews - 55g
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