Pidan Original tofu cat litter
Absorbing 4 times of liquid to its own volume in 2 seconds. 2mm diameter granules. Less tracking problem. Sustainable & Easy to use. Smart packaging with clean experience. You can pour the litter in the toilet to clean.
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Skouts Litter Box Deodorent 35oz
A powerful, easy to use molecular deodorizing spray that works immediately to safely eliminate odors from the litter, litter box and surrounding area between cleanings.
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CocoKitty Cat Litter - 7lb
Cocokitty is an all-new approach to litter. Made of organic ingredients and with specialized plant-based clumping technology, Cocokitty is the most feline, human and eco-friendly litter available today. Recycable! cocokitty is made with 100% organic coconut pith-meaning you can rinse...
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Pidan Activated Charcoal tofu litter
Activated Charcoal formula Made from soybean dregs (hulls left over from soy foods production) Natural, safe, eco-friendly alternative to traditional litters 3.5 kg/7 L box size
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Black Hole Bentonite Cat Litter - 6 kg
- This cat litter is an all-natural mineral that is refreshing and safe to use.  - Minerals Technologies® invented scoopable cat litter from sodium bentonite. - This cat litter has sponge-like instant liquid absorption. - It clumps firmly and rapidly...
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Cat Litter Mat
SIMPLE AND SOFT, YOU WILL HAVE A CLEANER HOME This is a 0.6cm thick silicone mat that is soft and comfortable to touch. The material is premium, eco-friendly, and durable that you can clean with worry-free. The surface area is...
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Cat Litter Box - Snow Mountain - Grey
This Snow Mountain is an open rim cat litter box that allows you to scoop out cat litter easily. The opening rim has sleek, flowing, and undulating lines like the peak of a real snow mountain. The capacity is just...
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Pidan Tofu Cat Litter - Active Charcoal 7L/活性炭豆腐猫砂
Upgraded Version of Tofu Cat Litter - Original The tofu cat litter is made of food-grade soy pulp that would otherwise end up in the landfill and is safe and reliable for your cat to use. Absolutely no artificial additives...
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