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Cat Pull Back Toy - Car - Red


Pull-back motor. Classic toy. New fun.

Pull back. Release. Vroom! And watch your cat freely chasing after it.

New fun with the classic toy. A feather accessory attached to the pull-back toy car.

It can be paired with other accessories too! 

No need for batteries. Easy to operate.

Switch to different accessories to let your cat, and you have more fun!


1. Don't let your cat mistakenly eat the feather accessories. 

2. The cat toy accessories are consumables. Cats are predators, and playing with toys allows them to be themselves, so it is normal for them to wear the toys by damaging or chewing.

Product information.

This product is suitable for cats.

Size: 70 x 40 x 30 mm

Weight: 22 g

Material: ABS plastic, POM plastic.

Cat Pull Back Toy - Car - Red
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