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Lucky Duck-trainging bites


One of our regular customers once told us that a visit to Polkadog was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We couldn’t agree more. But rather than gold, the pot at the end of our rainbow would be overflowing with all manner of delicious Polkadog treats. Handmade daily in our Fish Pier kitchen with locally sourced US duck liver and natural potato flour, nothing says decadence quite like these crunchy, grain-free nuggets. Perfectly sized for training on the go, these precious gems are a veritable bowl of unicorns and rainbows. Polkadog was founded for a one-eyed rescue dog named Pearl. We wanted to make the best treats we could for a great dog that definitely deserved it. We think your dog deserves it, too
• Ducks Raised on U.S. Farms
• Grain Free
• Handmade in the USA in Small Batches
• 100% Natural
• Antibiotic Free
• Hormone Free
• 2 Ingredients That's It!
• Perfect for Training!
• Slowly Dehydrated

Lucky Duck-trainging bites
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