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Pet Placemat - White


Let Your Cat Eat Confidently

Ag+ antibacterial agent added

The placemat has Ag+ antibacterial agent added to inhibit bacterial growth

Geometric cutting, simple design, improves quality of life

Color available in ceramic white

Excellent hydrophobicity, just need to wash by water, cleaning with no worries

It has a dimension of a 30cm x 49cm giving a super wide area. It is suitable for most pet bowls. It prevents food and water spill to the ground. The spill prevention is even better when paired with pidan pet bowl.

Made of premium silicone,  feels soft and comfortable  

It is just 2mm thick and you can roll or fold for easy storage. It does not take much space. It is a matte finish. It has effective antiskid. It gives your pet a clean and comfy home.

Warm Prompt

It is recommended to clean up the spilled food or water on the placemat after your pet finishes its meal.
Keep the surface of the placemat dry and clean.
It is also recommended to wash the placemat one every two or three days.

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Pet Placemat - White
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