Shark Cartilage Powder - 160g


Shark Cartilage powder is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin and a natural support for your dogs joints and inflammation.    Give the initial loading dose for 2 to 3 weeks and then reduce slowly to the amount to the maintenance level for the continued well-being of your pet.

Bottle size is 160g / 5.6oz 

Ingredients: Shark Cartilage Powder

For oral use, sprinkle on food once daily

Recommended Dosage: 

Weight of Dog                Initial loading dose                Maintenance dose

<13kg / <30lbs                    1 tsp                                             1/2 tsp
13kg-23kg / 30-50lbs          2 tsp                                               1 tsp
23kg-36kg / 50-80lbs          3 tsp                                              1 1/2 tsp
36+ kg / 80 + lbs                 4 tsp                                                 2 tsp

Veterinarian recommendation and is sourced ethically and sustainably in Australia.

Shark Cartilage Powder - 160g
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