HomeRun - 一流的垃圾箱

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The Xiaomi Homerun litter box is a smart device that will eliminate unpleasant odors and prevent bacteria reproduction. It is possible thanks to converting oxygen to ozone using an integrated active oxygen generator. Ozone has powerful oxidizing properties, so it can easily convert ammonia odor molecules and sulfur compounds into a harmless gas. Besides, active oxygen can destroy the cellular membrane structures of microbes. The transparent cat litter door is designed for entrance only, the cat must exit through the top, stepping on the grate, causing the pet to release its claws, and the remains of the litter falls back into the litter box before the animal is outside it. Thanks to this, the cat will not carry garbage around the house. The device automatically detects when your pet is in it so that the ozone generator will not harm your loved kittie.

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