VitalCat - Freeze dried duck liver

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  • VE Freeze dried single meat protein - Duck
  • Rich in Protein 
  • Supports dental, digestive and overall health
  • No fillers, flavourings, artificial preservatives or colours
  • Sourced, made and packaged in the USA

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Cat treats are a single protein treat that is rich in flavour and have the healthy benefits of raw food. Using Vital essential's exclusive VE freeze-dried processing, a process which lets the raw ingredients slowly freeze dry for 48 house, capturing the essential nutrients. 

Duck Liver is a rich and fatty protein. It contains essential vitamin and minerals like selenium, zinc, vitamin B-3 and B-5 and omega 3 fatty acids. Ideal for the skin and coat, to help maintain thyroid function and boost the immune system. The texture of the freeze-dried treat will also help remove tartar and freshen your cat's breath. A treat that your cat will love and benefit.

Grain-free and Gluten Free. Vital Essential cat treats are sourced, made and packaged in the USA in a facility that is USDA certified. No fillers, flavouring, artificial preservatives or colours used. 


 Duck Liver

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